Radio advertising is economical and effective. We break the mold and do not ask our customers to pay for” spots”. What that means is many radio stations charge you for the number of spots. Usually $10-$22 per spot- Expensive yes- What we do is we put your advertisement in our rotation- It will play many times throughout the entire day. Purchasing “spots” at lets say $10 a spot is like throwing a rock into the ocean an asking your customers to find that rock. Repetition of an advertisement is what really makes a marketing plan effective. So as incentive we will run your ad in rotation for a week for $100- Yep for the whole week. ( first time advertisers only). What does that mean- it means you ad will be heard at least  24 times- yep once an hour for a full week- if you were paying $10 per spot x 24 per day x 7 days or $1680 on a normal radio station. We will even produce your 15 second ad for you, or send us a clip in mp3. format.  We reserve the right to accept or refuse all advertisements. If you are interested in signing up send us an email at











Order our special online- Fill in what you want the spot to say or send us an spot in mp3 format-